Sunday, August 11, 2013

VSCO Film 04

For almost a whole year, I have been a loyal VSCO film user. Starting with the 02 pack, I fell in love with the look it left upon my images and the ease and speed of which my images were edited. Earlier this year I knew I wanted to get another pack and was set on getting the 01 pack next. Then VSCO Film 04 was released. As soon as a glanced at the results I knew I needed it. The bold and bright colors popped off my screen and I fell in love with VSCO Film again.

I spent the weekend becoming familiar with the new set and worked through picture from my July trip to Petoskey with an old friend. After playing with it, and learning the "language" of VSCO Film 04, I give to you my take on VSCO Film 04.

fuji provia 100 f-
Fuji Provia 100 F-

fuji provia 100f
Fuji Provia 100F

fuji astia 100 balance warm
  Fuji Astia 100 Balance Warm

fuji provia 400x balance cool
  Fuji Provia 400X Balance Cool

kodak e100vs--
  Kodak E100VS--

kodak e200++ alt
  Kodak E200++ Alt

fuji velvia 50 balance cool
  Fuji Velvia 50 Balance Cool

kodak e200hc
  Kodak E200 HC

kodak e100vs+
  Kodak E100VS+

fuji fortia sp +
  Fuji Fortia SP +

agfa scala 200 contarast +
  Agfa Scala 200 Contrast +